We believe in the dignity of every employee. All employees will be treated with fairness and respect, while being encouraged to think independently, trained, and then empowered to act with due authority. We foster an atmosphere of excellence in the area of human resources by providing service to employees at all levels in a professional and respectful manner.

Employees are NFA Group' most valuable resource. Every action each employee takes helps determine our reputation, and the ideas, vision and strength they provide are the main driving force behind our success. Each employee will be encouraged to share his/her ideas, thoughts, and concerns to make NFA Group a better, more enjoyable place to work.

We believe in empowering our employees to succeed. We believe in creating a culture that values racial and cultural differences, as well as differences in abilities, attitudes, and aptitudes. For the Company to move forward we must maintain a human relations climate and environment that encourages and stimulates the employee, produces loyalty and commitment to the Company, and inspires employees at all levels to take calculated risks and perform at their highest level. We want all employees to achieve their personal goals and aspirations and achieve financial security for themselves and their families.

Our Role


We induct and train new employees in a manner that would make them familiar with their day today job and the colleagues with whom they will be working further.


We provide both technical and behavioral training to add more value to both - the employer and the employee. Employee competencies, at various levels are nurtured through several training sessions organized by our HR team.

We care

We do provide medical insurance of self and family to all the employees, depending on the grade they fall in.

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