Wet Sprinklers

National Fire Armour is an ISO 9001:2000 approved company specialising the design, supply, installation and servicing of wet fire sprinkler systems.

Wet fire sprinkler systems are an active fire protection measure typically consisting of a water supply, a pre-designed system of pipework and fire sprinkler heads. These systems types are permanently charged with water.

In the event of a fire the hot gases emitted rise to the highest point and upon reaching a fire sprinkler head they heat the glass phial contained therein causing it to rupture. This rupturing breaks a seal which allows water to pass through the main body of the sprinkler head and onto a diffuser dispersing the water into a spray pattern. The water spray penetrates the fire source and cools the burning material to below its point of ignition, thus controlling the fire. Sprinkler heads generally form a 12m² area of coverage unless otherwise dictated by the hazard classification of the building and the risk being protected.

Wet fire sprinkler systems are commonly installed due the simplicity of the system coupled with the fact that they are a reliable and extremely effective method of fire protection.

Fire sprinkler systems are vital for fire protection, to request a quotation for system design, fire sprinkler system supply and installation or to arrange fire sprinkler system servicing and maintenance please contact us.

Dry and Wet Risers

Dry and wet rising mains are pipework systems specifically for delivering large volumes of water to the storeys of a building for fire protection purposes. Whilst fires within buildings up to 18m in height can be adequately dealt with by the Fire and Rescue Service, all new buildings intended to be greater in height than this require either dry or wet rising fire mains integrated into their design to accommodate the Fire and Rescue Service in gaining access to a supply of water. National Fire Armour provides dry and wet riser system design, installation and servicing and as an ISI approved company, you can be assured of our expertise.