Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments promote a culture of fire safety in the workplace. A fire risk assessment aims to emphasize the importance of fire prevention, education, training and understanding. It also aims to foster the ethic of considering the effectiveness of current fire protection measures with a view to seeking continual improvement.

As such, fire risk assessments should be performed on all environments where people congregate, this includes:

  • Workplaces
  • Retail units
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Educational premises
  • Healthcare premises
  • Places of worship

Fire risk assessments should be carried out on a regular basis, preferably annually, to ensure fire safety is being promoted and maintained adequately. The frequency employed should be dependent upon on factors such as the type of business, the fire hazards and the level of risk involved, whether there has been any structural change to the environment or whether there has been any change of use.

At National Fire Armour we provide comprehensive fire risk assessments enabling you to be confident that your fire safety and fire protection requirements are being met, our service includes:

  • A visit to site to perform a fire risk assessment
  • A survey identifying the fire hazards and associated fire risks within the environment and recommendations for improvements
  • A detailed report concentrating on the five disciplines of a good fire safety strategy: prevention, escape, communication, confinement and suppression

Fire risk assessments are crucial for fire safety. To book an appointment for a fire risk assessment to be performed at your premises, or for further information, please contact us.