Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Within restaurant kitchens and other environments where food is cooked, fire suppression systems can be integrated into the cooker hood set up enabling the protection of cooking equipment such as fryers, griddles and range tops and extract equipment and filters including hoods and extract ducts.

These systems contain fusible links which break when exposed to a pre-determined temperature and instigate automatic system actuation to extinguish the fire swiftly. A manual release and an automatic gas line shut off are also features available as required.

Upon system activation a foam extinguishing agent is applied directly onto the fire via specific predetermined spray patterns. The hot cooking ../media is therefore covered in a layer of foam which suppresses any fire extremely quickly by smothering it and also sealing off any residual combustible vapours to prevent re-ignition.

To request a quotation for a kitchen fire suppression system, or to arrange a National Fire Armour servicing and maintenance package to ensure your system is kept in good working order and operates as intended in the event of a fire, please contact us.