Dry Sprinkler System

National Fire Armour’s expertise in the design, supply, installation and servicing of dry fire sprinkler systems is backed by ISO approval.

A dry fire sprinkler system, as with a wet system, typically consists of a water supply, a pre-designed system of pipework and fire sprinkler heads. However, unlike a wet system, a dry fire sprinkler system is utilised within environments where the pipework is at risk of being exposed to cold conditions due to lack of heating or where there is a danger that the water held within a pipework system may freeze.

In a dry fire sprinkler system an automatic air compressor maintains the air pressure within the pipework system and water is prevented from entering the main pipework until it is required in the event of a fire. via small bore ancillary pipework at the controlling valve. If a fire breaks out the hot gases that have been emitted rise and upon reaching a sprinkler head the heat causes a glass phial, which is contained within the sprinkler head, to rupture. Air in the system is then released and the system pipework gets charged with water which is discharged via the activated sprinkler head. This cools the burning material and effectively controls the fire.