Aspirating Systems

Aspirating systems provide a very early warning of the presence of smoke. These systems work by constantly sampling the air and are sensitive enough to detect the presence of even the smallest particles of smoke, making them an extremely efficient early warning system.

An aspirating system constantly draws air into a network of sampling pipes, the air sample is then drawn through a filter removing any dirt and dust before entering a laser detection chamber. If smoke particles are present within the sample the laser light becomes scattered which is detected by a receiver system. This information is then fed to the user interface which may be a software management system, a fire alarm panel or a building management system (BMS) via relays or a high level interface (HLI).

As aspirating systems provide the earliest possible warning of fire they are typically installed within environments where:

  • An unobtrusive fire detection system is required such as in listed or heritage buildings
  • Business continuity is of the utmost importance
  • Early building evacuation is important
  • The maximum protection of data within server rooms and PABX rooms is required
  • A clean air environment is required such as in medical theatres
  • Conventional methods of detection may not be suitable, e.g., within cold stores and refrigerated areas

Aspirating systems are highly reliable and utilising such an early warning system affords building occupants the time to investigate the alarm and instigate an adequate response, thus working towards maximising life safety and property protection whilst limiting business disruption and recovery costs.

National Fire Armour provides aspirating fire alarm system design, supply and installation and also system servicing and maintenance. For a quotation to have an aspirating system supplied and installed or serviced, please contact us. If you would like a no obligation discussion regarding your requirements, please contact us.