NFA has started its, operation in the year 1987.It has a strong and satisfied customer base of over 15000. We consider the whole world as our own family and this mentality helped us to take life secure message to the whole world. We TEACH, PREACH & REACH to our people- customers-unlike others who sell RED EQUIPMENTS, we work, with our people, find solut5ions to their safety & Security Problems.

We have mastered various spheres of electronic Security & Fire Protection Engineering and Technology.

The company has engaged in design, execution and commissioning of various fire protection systems and Electronic Security systems. The company has engaged in design execution and commissioning of various Fire protection systems like FM200, NAF Flooding System, CO2 Flooding System, Sprinkler System, Medium Velocity Water Spray System, High Velocity Water Spray System, Hydrant System, Conventional Fire Alarm System, Addressable Fire Alarm Systems, CCTV Surveillance system and Time & Attendance solution. The company has many reputed industrial clients since 1987.


“Inspiring people to Safety”

More than 25 years ago, our founder, A.S.Menon, and a handful of employees shared a dream of creating an industry-leading firm dedicated to answer Fire Safety and Security problems. From a small workshop in Mumbai to an emerging global firm - there are few companies that can look back on such a long history of success in the way that we do. The quest for solutions created a strong and satisfied community of over 15000 customers.

From the start, NFA was committed to being an innovative leader in Electronic Safety and Fire Protection Engineering and Technology. “Provide highest quality in Designing, Building, Operation and Maintenance of our solution” is our vision. Based on our rich history, with our forward – looking strategy, we are working everyday to find an answer to your problems.

Unlike others who sell RED equipments, we work with people to find solutions to their Safety and Security Problems. What sets us apart is our collaborative way of working globally with alliance partners and delivering locally. As a trusted partner to our clients, we draw together teams of engineers, planners, architects, landscape architects, environmental specialists, economists, scientists, technical consultants, as well as cost consultants, project management consultants and project managers dedicated to finding the most innovative and appropriate solutions to design, enhance and sustain in building the solution.


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